HakiMadini | http://www.hakimadini.org/
Hakimadini a non-profit-making organization established in Tanzania in 2001 as an activist group for artisanal mineworkers. Hakimadini has developed over time as a strong representative body for small scale mining communities and envisages a just fair and transparent mineral resource use, control and management in Tanzania. Hakimadini links grassroots extractive sector realities with national, regional and international policy processes to advocate for economic and social rights within an accountable and transparent extractive industry for the benefit of the larger community. Hakimadini is also active in the Tanzanian constitution review process, electoral civic education and is active in the Districts of Karogwe, Simanjiro, Geita, Bahi, Manyoni, Kilindi and Chunya.

Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM) | http://kilimohai.org/
TOAM is a member-based national umbrella organization registered in June 2005 and the organisation envisages a vibrant, sustainable, and mutually beneficial organic sector in Tanzania. TOAM, a member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) works with farmer associations and cooperatives, NGOs, organic operators, research and trainers through providing coordination, facilitation and training, information to organic sector stakeholders in Tanzania.

HAKIARDHI | https://hakiardhi.org/
The Land Rights Research & Resources Institute (LRRRI/HAKIARDHI) was founded in 1994 and registered as a non-governmental not-for profit organization.The Institute was established out of the need to generate and sustain a public debate and participation, particularly where it matters in villages on issues of land tenure.It is the institute’s belief that such debate will be better informed if. The organization’s approach includes dialogues with local communities, training on land rights, research, lobbying and advocacy.

TSNP | http://wanafunzitz.blogspot.com/
Tanzania students’ Networking Programme (TSNP) is a non-partisan, not for profit and non-government registered in 2001. TSNP was formed to be a strong students’ organization that can promote and protect students’ rights and responsibilities. The objectives of TSNP are focused upon the establishment of a strong students’ body by providing a live network of students in Tanzania at all levels and cooperate with various national and international organizations with similar goals and objectives.

KIJIWENI |  https://www.kijiweniproductions.com/
Kijiweni productions is an independent Tanzanian film production house that is focused on producing socially conscious films in an attempt to help set up a sustainable industry committed to the social liberation of the African continent. Among its prominent films are Shoeshine (2013), SamakiMchangani (2014), Aisha (2015) and T-Junction (2017).

MVIWATA |  https://www.mviwata.org/
MtandaowaVikundivyaWakulima Tanzania (MVIWATA) is a national farmers organisation which brings together small holder farmers from all regions of Tanzania in order to have a common voice to defend economic, social, cultural and political interests of smallholder farmers. Founded in 1993, MVIWATA aspires to empower smallholder economically and socially farmers through capacity building and undertake lobbying and advocacy especially by strengthening their groups and networks, facilitating communication and learning so that they are capable of defending their interests.

Nyerere Resource Centre |  kavazi.nrc@costech.com
Nyerere Resource Centre (KAVAZI) was established in 2014 as a semi-autonomous unit under the Tanzania Commission of Science and Technology (COSTECH) The Objectives of NRC are to, organize a documentation room for storing resource materials generated by the MwalimuNyerere Biography Project and making them accessible to researchers, to provide a forum for brainstorming and strategic thinking on fundamental issues of development through lectures, seminars, conversations, workshops, symposia and publications, the NRC also organises various courses on Research & Development and training in methodologies and theoretical frameworks.