Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners (ILEPA) is a community based NGO advocating for human rights, community health and development. The organization is serving amongst the Indigenous Peoples of Kenya with a focus on Maasai pastoral community in Narok County, Southern Kenya with the vision of a ‘just, healthy and prosperous Indigenous peoples’ society. ILEPA aims at promoting an Indigenous Peoples community enjoying a healthy lifestyle, experiencing improved human rights, good governance and self-determined sustainable community based development. ILEPA is active on issues of environmental conservation, climate change, land rights and indigenous knowledge systems and; is represented on various platforms including International Indigenous People’s Forum on Climate Change, Kenya National REDD+ working groups among others.

PALIAct (Ukombozi Library)
The Progressive African Library and Information Activists (PALIAct) established the Ukombozi Library in 2017 to bring to light thousands of books, publications and other memorabilia archives that inspired and fuelled the struggles for social justice and democracy in Kenya. The library is registered as a society under the Progressive African Library and Information Activists (PALIAct) and the Kenya Societies Act. Its purpose is to empower citizens in Kenya through facilitating access, sharing and engagement in progressive knowledge and perspectives.