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Terms of Reference for Evaluations (TOR 2021)

Outline Of the Terms of Reference

  1. Background, Context and Rationale for the Evaluation
  2. Purpose and Objectives of the Evaluation
  3. Subject Matter of the Evaluation
  4. Approaches and Tasks of the Evaluators, Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Report and Additional Evaluation Outputs
  6. Forms of the Evaluation
  7. Time-frame for the Evaluation Process
Expression of Interest: Search for an evaluator for an evaluation in East Africa


The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS) is an international NGO that has set up a regional office in 2011. For the purpose of evaluating its programme component on natural resource governance, the foundation searches an evaluator. The evaluation will in cooperation with an evaluator who is based in Germany/Europe. It will cover the period of programme implementation since 2016. The evaluation is formative in its focus and is intended to support organizational learning and contribute to the upcoming strategic planning process of the regional program of the Tanzanian based regional office of RLS.

Offer and deadlines

Please submit the following documents:

  • a substantive proposal for an evaluation study according to the Terms of Reference, including a time schedule, that makes reference to evaluation standards as stipulated by the German Evaluation Society (DeGEval).
  • total fees and daily rates; please don’t calculate travel expenses as those expenses will be reimbursed following internal regulations (German Federal Travel Expenses Act) as well as daily allowances as these costs will not be additionally reimbursed.
  • a comprehensive CV.
  • related briefs/ short but precise account of your work and working methods, indicating your experience with impact analysis of activities of social organizations on the ground, especially with political education projects.

Expected qualifications

  • High methodological competence, especially in qualitative and participatory methods, high analytical skills.
  • Evaluation experience, especially in the field of political education work.
  • Advanced knowledge on result based management.
  • Very good knowledge of the English and Luganda language; knowledge in Kiswahili and/or Maa is an advantage.
  • Good knowledge of the region and progressive actors.
  • A demonstrated knowledge of historical perspectives on land and how these have shaped land policy in East Africa.
  • Knowledge of the work of political foundations is an advantage.
  • Intercultural competencies.

Documents from interested parties should reach us electronically by 04.08.2021. The final order will be placed by 16.08.2021.

The full text of the Terms of Reference as well as the DeGEval Evaluation Standards which are also available at:

Contact: Samuel Kasirye or Dorothee Braun. Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Tanzania.;


The following Evaluation Standards were ratified by the general assembly of the DeGEval – Gesellschaft
für Evaluation (Evaluation Society) on October 4th, 2001. They are the result of a two-year
discussion and preparation process which included a membership survey, an appointed Standards
Committee, and a review process.
The twenty-five DeGEval-Standards are organized in four groups. This structure as well as many
Standards, including titles and descriptive statements, were stimulated by the „Program Evaluation
Standards“ of the US-American „Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation“ and
adapted to the requirements of evaluation in Germany and Austria. The DeGEval-Standards
were also inspired by the Swiss adaptation of the Joint Committee Standards which provides a
generalization of these standards from educational to more diverse settings.
In its German original, this short version of the DeGEval-Standards is accompanied by a 30-
page document which includes a clarification of the aims and the scope of the Standards, definitions
of evaluation and other key concepts, an overview of different approaches to evaluation,
comments on the application of the Standards, and a description of the development of the document
itself as well as the review process.
For more information, please see or contact Wolfgang Beywl (wolfgang., former Chair of the Standards Committee and board member of the DeGEval
– Gesellschaft für Evaluation.