Unity Club INTWARARUMURI (Torchbearer) |

UNITY CLUB is an organization founded in 1996 with women spouses of Cabinet Members and women Cabinet Ministers as effective members, whereby the men spouses and cabinet members joined the club in 2007 as associate members. UNITY CLUB was created with the aim of promoting unity and peace while contributing to the socio-economic development of the country following the 1994 genocide. Under the Chairmanship of the First Lady, Unity Club provides its members with an invaluable opportunity to foster collaboration and create a platform for open dialogue, to advocate for gender equality and to work together towards the social-economic wellbeing of vulnerable groups, in particular orphans and widows.

Ndabaga Impact |

Ndabaga Impact is a Rwandan Organization that was formed in 2015 by young female high school students and later launched in June 2018. The organization was formed and driven by a great passion of creating a platform for mentorship, training and capacity enhancement for young people, especially young girls and women on advocacy and access to information with a particular focus on intergenerational dialogue and post-genocide nation-building. The organization’s work is done through research, trainings, dialogues and arts and performances.