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Paper: TTIP - Why the World Should Beware

Paper: TTIP – Why the World Should Beware

Written by Manuel Pérez-Rocha | Published by the RLF office Brussels in cooperation with IATP, IPS, FOCUS and TNI | June 2015 The trade and investment partnership TTIP, which is currently being negotiated between the EU and the US, will affect the whole world. But the other world regions, like the BRICS or the Global South are being excluded from the trade negotiations and hardly get attention in the debates aroun ...

Conference: Escaping humanitarian catastrophes

Conference: Escaping humanitarian catastrophes

Focusing on the social dimension of climate change. Climate Change does not only have physical consequences like rising sea levels which lead to flooding of coastal regions and render islands uninhabitable. Between 2002 and 2011 about 300 Million people are hit by natural disasters – most of the catastrophes went unnoticed by the global public. In the long run even more than 300 Million might be forced to leave their ...