Hurra Green - Uganda Community Green Radio launched

Hurra Green – Uganda Community Green Radio launched

On July 4th 2014, the Uganda Community Green Radio (UCGR), an initiative of the Uganda National Association for Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) was born. As an extension to the Sustainability School projects supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in the oil rich Albertine region in western Uganda, UCGR provides a much needed platform for communities to express their views freely especially on how they are being affected by the oil industry. According to the NAPE executive Director, Frank Muramuzi, the community radio is set to enhance the participation of marginalized sections of the community such as rural women, fisher folk, rural farmers and the youth in national decision making processes on natural resources management. At the grand opening held at Fairway Hotel in Kampala, RLF regional director Mr. Siegfried Schroeder urged communities to take custody of their own development and hold their leaders accountable.

The programme Manager for the sustainability school Mr. Allan Kalangi, added that the UCGR will engage on key thematic areas such as land rights, food security, forests oil and energy governance, climate change among others.  NAPE envisages that through this approach, UCGR will ensure continuity of learning and sharing information on political social, economic and environmental subjects over a wider area by locals. In the recent months, UCGR has established a website and can be accessed via web through